For every bar you buy, we give a packet of life-saving food to a child in need.

Coachella x This Bar Saves Lives


When it comes to good music and good vibes, nothing quite compares to the incredible festival experience that is Coachella. It’s the weekend that so many anxiously await as they anticipate the thrill of seeing their favorite artists live and spending a euphoric time with friends in a utopian dreamland.

This year’s festival will provide an awesome opportunity to pair great music and great food for an even greater cause! For the first time in Coachella history, This Bar Saves Lives will be available at the Coachella’s Farmers’ Market tents both weekends! Nothing goes better with the sounds of Bastille and Beck than a bar that tastes great and gives back.

Be sure to check out the Coachella Farmers Market tents for This Bar, fresh fruit, organic coffee, and chance to help children in need!  

BONUS TIP: Take a picture of you at Coachella with a This Bar using the hashtag #CoachellaGivesBack, and we’ll send you a special gift! :) 

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This Recipe Saves Lives “Butterscotch Amazeballs”


We asked our friend and very talented chef Nyesha J Arrington for a quick dessert recipe using one of our bars. Today, we put that recipe to the test. Trust us when we say, they were delicious! Make these for your next event, and everyone will be clamoring for the recipe! 

Do you have a recipe idea involving a #thisbar? We’d love to hear it! Let us know in the comment section. 

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